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Free and Fast QR Code and Image Storage

When generating a new listing, or setting up a Store, the text input areas have a control bar along the top of each input box.  This area allows you to change text size, format text layout, insert links but also Insert Images directly into the text area.

To insert an image, you must click on the insert image button (shown below) and then input a link to your image

Insert Image

As the inserted image must be stored somewhere in order it to be inserted, offers 10MB of free image hosting to all of our users.

This image storage can be very useful for storing WeChat contact QR codes and also WeChat Pay and AliPay payment codes.  Store owners for example could then place their payment codes in the About Us page on their stores and then place links on their Invoices and Listings so that they can be easily paid by users.

By uploading a WeChat contact QR code, it is possible to place this QR code in the main description of every listing.

Although this storage has been setup mainly to store QR codes, other uses could include uploading official business certificates, images of a premises or a general advertisements that are used on every listing.  As these images are only inserted via a link to the listing, they do not count towards the 3 images per listing limit.

Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, all of the images that are placed within our free storage are sent to the website using our Super Fast content delivery network that serves all of the images for  This means that your images will not slow down the site and cause long page loading times for your potential customers.

To create a free QR Code and Image storage area, please Click Here

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