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VIP Payment Gateway. SellHappy for Free

As a reward to users who bring great products and listings to our users, it is possible to reward them with access to our VIP payment gateway.  You have probably seen it when you have been to the payment screen and wondered what would happen if you clicked on that button.

To be honest, if did click on that button without having a valid access pass, we would simply block you from using it and your payment would fail.  Back to AliPay and WeChat Pay...

However, if you list a large number of listed items or a large amount of great positive feedback then why not contact us for an access token?  We didn't build this site to make huge sums of money (only hoping to cover our costs), so if you think access to the gateway can help your Sales then please contact us.

If you have an access code then you can activate the VIP Payment Gateway by Clicking Here.  Please note that that you access code will expire at midnight.  We have to think about security when it comes to payments.

If you have any questions then please Contact Us.

Technical Stuff - Although the VIP payment gateway allows free access to the entire site, we ask that those users who have access to this feature use it responsibly.  For example, spamming every item to a featured listing in all categories and on the home page, or adding 12 photos to every listing even though they advertise something totally irrelevant, all goes against the spirit of this system and disadvantages our paying users.  Unfortunately, if you do this we will downgrade your listings and give you a warning.  If it carries on, then we are afraid it is no more freebies for you (as your access token will be revoked).  One other thing to note, you also cant become a verified seller using the VIP payment gateway;  we cant compensate your buyers with free money!

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